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Wedding and Engagement

Other than getting some fantastic images that reflect your relationship, the goal of an engagement session combined with a wedding package is to get a chance to work together, learn what poses look best for you, and get you both comfortable in front of the camera.
An engagement is part of the wedding package, but I also offer engagement sessions free even without an signing a wedding contract.
If we didn’t already shoot an engagement session just know that it is also part of the wedding contract so we will schedule those as soon as possible.
Shooting in tuscany
Just the Wedding

Weddings are one of the rare occasions that brings together family and friends in celebration. I love all the energy that fills the air and unfolding the layers of stories not only between the couple, but between them and their family and friends as well.
It is such an incredible privilege to be invited to share and be part of such an intimate moment. My clients will remember their wedding day through my lens, my perspective.
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Elopement weddings are often characterized by their simplicity and the emphasis on the couple's connection and the unique settings they choose for their ceremony. Elopement wedding photography aims to tell the story of the day in a candid and authentic way, highlighting the emotions and natural beauty of the surroundings.
Classic wedding in tuscany
Just the Engagement

Engagement sessions are a great way to tell your story as a couple. Unlike the wedding day, these sessions do not have time restrictions and a party waiting for you and usually did in the best light & scenario possible.
I love to call it the romantic experience. You may opt for this kind of service to made products like save the date cards, thank you cards, images to incorporate into your personal wedding website or just enjoy some time with your partner or best friends and build unforgettable memories.
Wedding and engagement session Photography
And even More

Feel free to inform me of your specific requirements, and I'll customize a service that perfectly suits your needs!


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